Police abuse statistics Human Rights Watch-Shielded from Justice: Includes specific cases of police brutality and ensuing accountability in Chicago. Amnesty International-Race, Rights, and Police Brutality: Focuses on brutality and racial issues across the United States. Santa Monica College's library: Offering a litany of resources and databases to research police brutality throughout the nation. Criminal Justice in America: The limits of Police Authority - a comprehensive site regarding landmark court cases and academic articles involving racial profiling, corruption, use of force, policing the police, and you and the police. Michigan State University's Criminal Justice Resources: Police use of force. Contains relevant studies by the U.S. Department of Justice, F.B.I. and other groups focusing on police abuse.

Fighting police abuse ACLU online archives - Guidelines and strategies to reform police accountability. National Police Accountability Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending police abuse through coordinated legal action, public education, grassroots and victim organizations combating police misconduct. Police Brutality Resources: legal recourse and advice for victims of police brutality.

Community Policing A series of articles published by various agencies such as the U.S. Department of Justice, the National Institute of Justice and others on the topic Policing Strategies. Mega-list of community policing and problem solving programs. U.S. Department of Justice site on creating a safer America through community policing, offering articles on funding and training community policing groups, as well as Congressional resources. City of Chicago police web site on Community Policing.

Drug war statistics U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Program offers statistical information on arrests and seizures across the nation and law enforcement operations including Federal, State, and Local agencies. Schaffer Library of Drug Policy gives abundant resources on major studies of drugs and policy including information on the War on Drugs and historical research. The Sentencing Project: Research and Advocacy for Reform - discusses the impact of national drug policy and statistics in the federal prison drug offender population. Contains a litany of facts about the topics of Race, Prison, and the Drug Laws in regards to the War on Drugs. Drug Policy Alliance includes publications and fact sheets on the efficacy of the War on Drugs as well as a host of other insightful topics about drugs. U.S. Department of State presents federal drug facts and figures and connects to a plethora of information provided by the Department of State. War on Drugs website offers copious articles on the war and links to informative sites ranging the gamut from drug definitions and various agencies.