Praise for "Brotherhood of Corruption"

"In this gripping page-turner, he tells of his experiences in the narcotics unit - a world where respect and fear, loyalty and intimidation, and power and abuse go hand in hand."

-- NEA Today, March 2006

"Juarez's compelling narative tells of his growing disillusionment with a police force that seems corrupted at every level, and with the deliberate rcism he was repeatedly exposed to."

-- David A. James, The Ester Republic, May 2006

"Using honest and unsparing language....Juarez uncovers the naked truth about the abuses of power by the Windy City's biggest gang--the city's police force in sobering, eye-opening, and sometimes chilling expose of police brutality and indescretion."

-- Tony Patrick, Black Men, December 2004

"Brotherhood is an absorbing memoir that reveals the widespread abuses of power, random acts of brutality and the code of silence that keeps Chicago's law enforcers untouchable."

-- Police Officer's Quarterly, Summer 2004

"In a gangbusters expose, Juarez hitches his blunt confessions to the culture of racial profiling and brutality, and although his memoir favors raw frankness over polished introspection, his indictment of theCPD and, in effect, himself, is gripping."

--Pablo Torre, JD Jungle Magazine

"Juarez offers a harrowing inside look at the corrupt practices used by police in enforcing drug laws and the blue wall of silence that insulates them. This is a starkly revealing look at how urban policing oversteps the bounds of the law in the so-called war on drugs."

-- Vernon Ford, Reviewer for Booklist

"Juarez gives us a chilling look inside the closed police subculture of corruption, brutality, and racism; as well as the empathetic and skillful work of dedicated cops. More importantly he shows us the inner workings of a system that keeps good cops silent about the endemic abuses that characterize the Chicago Police and other urban law enforcement agencies."

--Marilyn S. Johnson, author Street Justice: A History of Police Violence in New York City"

"Juarez's frank firsthand account of the culture of corruption that pervades the Chicago Police should send chills up the spine of all readers who care about fairness in law enforcement and justice in society. . . . A compelling read."

--Professor Michael L. Seigel, University of Florida Levin College of Law, Former Organized Crime Prosecutor and First Assistant U.S. Attorney