Q: Why did you write this book?
A: I wrote this book out of my responsibility to society. For years I was deeply absorbed in my own world, wrapped up in my pain and my method of dealing with it, but now it's time to fulfill my greater purpose, which is to reach out and give instead of taking from people and life what I needed.

Q: What do you wish to accomplish by writing this book?
A: I wish to bring to light the inherent injustices that are permitted to exist in our society because of the overall fear of questioning authority. Whether it's the President, the Supreme Court, the Mayor, the police, or any public official for that matter, their motives, actions, and practices must be scrutinized and they must be held accountable and made to answer society's concerns. It is up to us, the voices of the nation, to demand answers and truths and not just sit idly by while other people suffer. I want to inspire people to speak up and let their voices be heard.

Q: Do you fear any repercussions from divulging the information in this book?
A: I would have had to fear deep moral repercussions if I had not written this book. Writing this book has allowed me to realize the coward I was as I silently condoned brutality, the spineless misogynist I embodied by objectifying women, and the drug and alcohol abusing mess I was becoming while I was a cop. By writing this book and by acknowledging my truth through brutal honesty, I wish to apologize to all those I wronged in my unconscious past. Left lingering, those unresolved issues had more potential for repercussions than any of the information I have revealed in my book.

Q: Do you have any friends who are still on the police force and, if so, what are their reactions to what you are doing?
A: Yes, I do. My father and stepmother are still active police officers and I keep in touch with Lucky, Don Williams, Nica, Billy Thomas and some others. Throughout the whole process, from the article I wrote for the Chicago Reader to the completion of this book, they have supported me one hundred percent, helping me to lucidly recount many of the events in which they were present.

Q: What do you suggest for the people who read your book?
A: Don't just take my word as the truth, or any one else's for that matter. Wise up, read, find out the facts for themselves, and make conscious decisions, knowing that they are worthy of their own sense of justice and respect, and then speak up. We serve no purpose by remaining small in this world.