Juan Antonio Juarez was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1966. He is the third child of four and is a first generation Mexican-American on his father's side. In 1980, while Juan was completing grammar school, his father joined the Chicago Police Department. Ten years later, while enrolled at DePaul University, Juan followed his father's footsteps and became a Chicago Police Officer. In 1992, he was transferred to the elite Narcotics Unit and worked undercover in the War on Drugs. In that same year, he was awarded a B.A. in English from De Paul University. Continuing his pursuit of higher education, he earned his M.A. in English and his MEd in Education and has been a high school teacher, college professor, and Middle School instructor since leaving the Chicago Police Department in 1997. He is married, has one son, and has another child on the way. Brotherhood of Corruption is his first novel.